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Undercover Robot Animals Trick Poachers

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife just got a huge helping hand in the fight ...
Nature & Science

Baltika ‘Oblique’ Icebreaker Breaks Ice Sideways

This one's a game changer. The Baltika is the first-of-its-kind icebreaker, capable of ...

Coke Arrow Revolver is the Ultimate Toy of Your Dreams

If this isn't a compelling reason to drink six bottles of Coke, I don't know what ...

Relive 1985 Nintendo’s Duck Hunt in Awesome Virtual Reality

New Jersey Institute of Technology student Joseph Delgado developed a version of the game ...

Plane Flies Directly Into A Breaking Wave Off Carrier Deck

A #TBT that's going viral decades later - watch as a plane leaves the carrier deck just ...

Volkswagen Backing up a Trailer at 50MPH Videos Will Blow Your Mind … Twice … Guaranteed

THIS is how you reverse with a trailer. In this video from Norway you see a driver ...

Droneboarding is Here and it’s Awesome

Forget kiteboarding, droneboarding is the next big thing. Sure, it doesn't involve sand ...

Video: Explosion Rips Hole in Plane Forcing Emergency Landing An explosion caused a Daallo Airlines plane ...

Police Are Training Eagles to Take Down Drones

We all knew that the drone debate would heat up when the FAA launched their new rules in ...

$10,000 Knife Sword Cuts Giant Bluefin Tuna Like Butter

Are you a fan of a nice fillet knife? Do you keep a sharpening stone nearby? Maybe you ...

Beer Company Uses Drone To Deliver Cold Beer To Ice Fishermen

Lakemaid Beer began using drones for delivering beer to fishermen out on the ice this ...

Viral Psychedelic Swamp Photo Defies Reality

Michael Hussey posted the viral Psychedelic Swamp to the Facebook Group Florida ...

Dramatic Helicopter Rescue Morphs Into ‘Insane Ride’ at Ski Resort

A video has been released showing the dramatic moment a group of skiers and snowboarders ...

Dashcam Video Shows Man Driving Off Side of Mountain Road

YouTube user TurboFoz uploaded the footage Monday of a crash he survived on Jan. 4, 2015, ...
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