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Bizarre Lake ‘Hole’ Looks Like Something Out of Sci-Fi Movie

If you're looking for a lake that comes with the possibility of falling into the center ...

Watching Fearless Pilot Landing Helicopter in Rough Seas Will Make You Sweat Bullets

This pilot's level of skill and precision is absolutely insane. So many things have to ...

Insane Top Fuel Drag Boat Hits 262 MPH in Less Than 1000 Feet

This is the insanity that happens when two top fuel hydro boats compete in a drag race. ...

Snoop Dog Hilariously Narrates a Nature Video of a Snake Vs. Squirrel

An epic battle between a California ground squirrel and a snake narrated by the one and ...

The Surf Board of the Future is Here and it’s Electric

Forget whether or not hoverboards will actually be an actual thing - this is the board ...

Two Men Face Charges After Hunting in Helicopter

Jeffery and Daniel Byrne have been charged with using a helicopter for hunting following ...

Don’t Fly Your Drone Near the ‘Drone Fisherman’

Apparently this 'Drone Fisherman' either hates drones, or he's a show off with his ...

Kayakers Celebrate as NFL Wants New Stadium to Make Kayak Moat

If you thought kayakers were the last thing on the NFL's mind, you'd be dead wrong. A ...

Man Purposely Lets Deadly Snakes Bite Him in Search of Anti-Venom

Tim Friede - aka the venom man - has self inflicted over 160 snake bites on himself ...

Russian Military Buys Five Dolphins for Combat Operations…Seriously

In a move straight from a certain (not so classic) 1973 film, the Russian government ...

Ridiculously Awesome Hoverboard Created

The headline from RAir 4ce says it all: Guy Turned His Drone Into A Hoverboard and Rides ...

This ‘Mountain Coaster’ Video is Beyond Awesome

You'd like to fully experience the Swiss Alps but you're afraid to ski? Then look no ...

Shipping Container Cabin Will Make You Want to Live Off-Grid

Joseph Dupuis, 29, created his dream cabin in the woods, just 35 miles from Ottawa, ...

Top 10 Shark Movies of All-Time

We've assembled a list of the Top 10 Shark movies of all time. What's the criteria? ...
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