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Plane Nearly Decapitates Photographer in Shocking Video

Sometimes it's smart to keep your head down - it's even better to stay out of the path of ...

Craziest Hoverboard Ever Goes 93 MPH and 10,000 Feet High

Marty McFly doesn't have anything on the Flyboard Air. This latest hoverboard from the ...

The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy

USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has ...

Biggest ‘Wave’ Ever Captured on Video Will Blow Your Mind

This 'wave' was a result of Wahoo and Umbrella. Here's the true story behind this ...

Pirates Mess With the Wrong Navy

Apparently, the Dutch Navy has had enough with the Somalian pirates, and they're doing ...

Unbelievable Snowboard Girl Chased By Bear Video … Is it Truly Unbelievable?

It's the debate that's taking over the internet. You be the judge. From Youtube Kelly ...

Freaky Athletic Parkour Guy vs RC Car vs Mercedes In Crazy Combo Race

A race between a car, a guy and an RC truck may not sound like the latter two have a ...

Hoverbike Proves the Future is Now – It Just Needs Funding

If the future allows me to ride on a flying helicopter motorcycle, I'm all in. The ...

Mad Scientist Creates Thermite Cannon – See What True Joy Looks Like

Mad scientist YouTuber Colin Furze created the ultimate in unnecessary awesomeness with ...

Water Sports Has Evolved Into Flying Underwater With the Subwing

If you thought watersports couldn't get any more innovative - think again. The Subwing - ...
Nature & Science

Engineers Create Robotic Jellyfish for U.S. Navy

In what could be the beginning of the end, a team of student engineers have built an ...

Chainsaw Drone Is Either Your Worst Nightmare, or the Greatest Invention Ever

According to the video's description, a couple of Finnish farmers went and attached a ...

Spend the Night Sleeping With 35 Sharks in Transparent, Underwater Bedroom

If you've been to an aquarium and wondered what it'd be like to sleep in a room ...

Baby Deer Saved by Excavator From Mud Pit Just in Time

Thanks to quick thinking and a skilled excavator operator, this fawn that was found stuck ...
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