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Nature & Science

Seeing The Unseeable: Scientists Reveal The First Image Of A Black Hole And It Sure Is…Something?

Capturing something generally believed to be unseeable on camera isn't something that ...

Seabob Exploring Diver Discovers Sunken Ship

This diver was tearing it up with a Cayago Seabob F5 while at Elba Island, Italy. ...

Rocket Golf: Rocket Powered Golf Club Swings In At 150mph

If you're looking to destroy your friends the next time you hit the golf course, then we ...

LOFT: The Jetman Story Will Make You Believe A Man Can Fly

If you didn't grow up wishing you could sore through the air with nothing between you and ...

VIDEO: Supercharged Trench Digger Is A Mudslinging Good Time

Digging ditches may sound like backbreaking work but this tractor is making it look easy! ...

VIDEO: Here’s Why NASA Shoots Out Half A Million Gallons Of Water When Launching A Rocket

Water may not be useful in propelling a rocket into the air but it helps to safely ...

Watch A Jet Hoverboard Race A Lamborghini At Over 100 MPH

It's incredible to think back on what constituted as a hoverboard only a few years ago ...

Watch What It Takes To Be A Helicopter Tree Saw Pilot

Kenny Keller, the author of Amazon Best Seller Helicopter Check Ride and creator ...

Electric Current May Be The Most Effective Way To Deter A Great White Shark

No one wants to come face-to-face with a great white while treading open water. ...

How Surf Lakes Make Artificial Waves And Why This One Will Provide Fun For Everyone

Not all artificial waves are created equally. In fact, most artificial waves are created ...

Bulletproof Glass Can Stop Bullets But Will It Stop A Bowling Ball?

It might sound like a ridiculous question, but is bulletproof glass also bowling ball ...

VIDEO: High-Flying Sports Car Looks Like A Giant Drone But It’ll Get You Airborne

If you feel the need for speed but don't have access to your own fighter jet, then ...

VIDEO: A Human-Powered Helicopter Isn’t Practical But That Doesn’t Make It Any Less Incredible

The human-powered helicopter probably doesn't look like what you'd expect. It doesn't ...

VIDEO: Futuristic Motorcycle Has Airplane Engine And Floating Wheels

If you were to see TMC Dumont riding down the street, you might think you'd pulled a ...
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