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Huge Waves Battering a Swaying Oil Rig Will Test Your Sea-Stomach

This video could make you seasick...Huge waves crash against a swaying oil rig, as a ...

The Deepest Floating Oil Rig in the World is Beyond Mind-Boggling

Perdido is the deepest floating oil rig (platform) in the world at a water depth of about ...

Destroyed in Seconds- Fireworks Accident Caught on Tape

Filipino shoppers buying fireworks to chase away evil spirits flee in panic when the ...

US Navy ‘s New ‘GhostSwimmer’ Shark Drone *Video*

The US Navy has just unveiled a new drone that looks exactly like a shark! It's five-feet ...

$362 million brand new Navy ship needs to be towed…awkward

  Image: Wikipedia There's nothing like spending $362 million on a brand new ship ...

Most Drone Owners Now Required to Register With FAA

Drones weighing more than a half-pound will have to be registered with the government ...

Flamethrower Attached to Drone Roasts Turkey

With Christmas fast approaching, you may be wondering about a way to cook your favorite ...

Truck Burns to Ground, Somehow Yeti Cup Stays Intact WITH Ice

Andrew Ladshaw posted a photo collage on his Facebook page of a burning truck, the ...

Teen Killed After Being Pulled Into Wood Chipper

Mason Scott Cox was pulled into the wood chipper around 1 p.m. local time Saturday on ...

Chris Kyle’s Widow Uses Futuristic Rifle To Win ‘American Sniper Shootout’

Taya Kyle, the wife of late "American Sniper" subject Chris Kyle, hit 100 percent of ...

Beach Fishing Cannon Blasts 300 Yards, Wait Until You See What it Catches

Technology is changing the fishing industry, but fishing from shore is typically pretty ...

Deer Goes Matrix in Crazy Police Dashcam Video

Even wild deer will do crazy things for 5 seconds of fame. A deer in Kentucky appeared to ...

Video Shows How To Break MasterLock With Small Hammer

A new video is going viral on YouTube for all of the wrong reasons. A MasterLock can be ...

Insanely Dangerous Wingsuit Video Will Put Knots in Your Stomach

Brandon Mikesell is a human missile. A human missile that isn't afraid to fly just feet ...
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