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Edible Six Pack Rings Changing the Future of Protecting Sea Life

When it comes to trash winding up in the ocean, the plastic rings that hold six packs ...

Electrical Shock Drowning Tragedy Strikes 15-Year Old and Her Story is Raising ESD Awareness

Electrical Shock Drowning (ESD) is making national news following the shocking death of ...

Man Paralyzed From Mid-Air Skydiving Collison On GoPro Wants to Fly Again

A skydiver was knocked unconscious by his partner in mid-flight, and his GoPro captured ...

Impossible Engineering Builds World’s Tallest Bridge; Fear of Heights Need Not Travel

The Millau Viaduct is absolutely insane. This 1,125' foot tall bridge is 1.5 miles long, ...

See Whales Hunts Down Shark in Incredible First Time Video

  So, what happens when the tables get turned on a shark? A pod of false killer ...

See the Jaw-Dropping Wild Dolphin Kerplunking a Redfish Photo and How the Magic Happened

This amazing photo has been doing the rounds on the internet for almost 2 years now. The ...

Epic ‘Wave Machine’ May be the Future of Surfing

When it comes to the perfect wave, eleven-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater knows ...

The Stand-Up Paddle Board Game Has Changed With This Incredible Video

When it comes to experts on paddle boarding - or water sports in general - you'd be hard ...

Homemade Hoverbike Video Breaks Internet With Awesomeness

When it comes to building things that you wouldn't expect, Colin Furze has been there ...

Fisherman Jumps Out of Helicopter, Catches Marlin

I said I'd give up fishing the day Aquaman jumped from a helicopter and snagged a marlin ...

Daredevil Defying Death With a Hoverboard on a Skyscraper Will Make You Sweat Bullets

Oleg Sherstyachenko, a popular Instagram free runner shows off his balancing skills on a ...

Lightsuit Skiing is Setting the Internet on Fire

It's hard not to watch Afterglow and not feel like you've been sucked into some kind of ...

Mercedes First Ever Motor Yacht Can Be Yours for a Cool $1.7 Million

Mercedes-Benz lovers no longer have to stay on dry land to enjoy the joy of feeling the ...

Tarpon fishing Boca Grande through the eyes of a drone (video)

I've always wanted to learn to fly a drone and attach a GoPro or similar camera to get a ...
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