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VIDEO: How to Find Water and Survive if You’re Stranded in the Desert

The desert can be extremely unforgiving for the unprepared and inexperienced. Even the ...

East Central Florida Fishing Forecast – April & May

Hey y’all, this is Capt. Jonathan Moss of Go Castaway Fishing Charters, serving Orlando ...

Teen Could Face Charges After Jumping Into Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank

A teenage boy jumped into a fish tank at a Denver, CO, Bass Pro Shop on Saturday. In ...

Man Catches Record Golden Rainbow Trout But Passes Certification So 12-Year-Old Boy Can Keep His Record

Anytime someone catches the biggest fish of a certain species, it's an amazing feeling to ...

Monster Bluegill Was Probably a State Record…Too Bad It Wasn’t Weighed

An Arizona couple is left kicking themselves after catching a monster bluegill and not ...

Bass Guide Gets Stood Up By a Client, So He Has the Lunker Day to End All Lunker Days

As a fishing guide, there aren't many options when a client just doesn't show up for ...

Crocodile Attacks Elephant and Bites its Trunk

This elephant got one heck of a surprise and the crocodile bit off way more than it could ...

Florida Senate Passes Everglades Bill for Massive Reservoir

CCA commends the Florida Senate in passing SB-10 that will, when implemented, help ...

Incredible Footage Shows Bone Dry River as it Comes Back to Life

Locals in the Negev desert, Israel received quite the surprise when the dry bed of the ...

40-Story High Glass Bottom Pool is Perfect for Thrill Seekers and Scaring Your Enemies to Death

Whoever said it's not the fall that will kill you, it's the landing, clearly hadn't tried ...

Artist Paints Incredible Portraits While Floating on a Paddleboard

Whatever inspired Sean Yolo aka HULA to start painting portraits in hard to reach places ...

Pending State Record Black Crappie Caught

No matter how many state record fish contenders pop up, it never gets old seeing the ...

Angler Catches a Walleye With His Barehands

There's a good reason fishermen use poles and nets to catch fish - our hands aren't the ...

Angler Battles Hard for Massive 30″ Brown Trout Caught on Fly

This is the kind of video that gives us goosebumps - in more ways than one. This is a ...
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