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The Top 10 College Towns For Anglers and Sportsman

Not only are students involved in most ubiquitous sports, such as basketball, football, ...

The Top 10 World Record Catfish

The anglers on this list caught some gigantic species of catfish that definitely earned ...

7 Fishing Ideas and Tips For When You Don’t Have Gear

When the urge to fish strikes, will you be ready? That sounds like quite an absolute ...

Fly Fishing Creeks and Streams

The Perfect Marriage Of Fishing And Hiking Our resources of time and money are finite.  ...

Load Up! Mama Grizzly Gives Her Cubs A Ride Across The Lake

A day in the water doesn't mean loading up all the floats and pool toys they can find ...

Del Valle Lake Lunker: Angler Catches A 30lb Striped Bass

It looks like anchovies were Kenny K. of Livermore's secret weapon while fishing Del ...

VIDEO: Man Ditches The Rod And Catches Big Bass With His Bare Hands

Who needs a fishing rod when they can snatch bass right out of the water? This guy, ...

VIDEO: Catfish Bites Off Way More Than It Can Chew After Trying To Eat A Turtle

This catfish may want to consider portion control after it nearly died by eating too much ...

Can A Chicken Swim? Watch This Guy Find Out

If you've ever wondered if a chicken could swim — we can't say we've ever put much ...

VIDEO: Squirrel Gets An Assist With Its Water Break

Sometimes you really need some water. A squirrel at the Grand Canyon found itself in ...

Zip Lining Is The Best Way To See Niagara Falls

If you're looking to visit Niagara Falls, then there's a better way to take in the ...

Fire Department Warns That Snakes May Ruin Summer By Hiding In Pool Noodles

There's a place in plain sight that snakes may be hiding at your next pool party — pool ...

Water Powered Turbines Offer 24/7 Renewable Energy To Dozens Of Rural Homes

Many rural areas around the world struggle to find efficient and effective ways to power ...

Helicopter Captures The Moment A Massive Saltwater Crocodile Eats A Small Freshwater Croc

Not even the things that can kill you are safe from predators in Australia. A ...
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