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VIDEO: Smithfly’s Floating Tent Is Here to Make Your Camping Trip Better

It looks like more and more companies are starting to offer their own take on the ...

VIDEO: Alligator Snapping Turtle Takes a Bite Out of Gators Tail

You would think that an alligator wouldn't have to worry about any natural predators in ...

Insane Wakeboard Video Shows Big Air and Hard Wipeouts

If there's one thing to take away from watching Alex Graydon do his thing on a wakeboard, ...

VIDEO: These Emergency Dam Water Discharges Are out of This World

If these insanely powerful emergency water discharges from dams weren't so deadly, they ...

VIDEOS: Here’s How to High Stick Frogs for Better Bass Hookups

If you're tired of missing bass in the same situations over and over again, then let ...

These Floating Campsites Will Make You Want to Give up on Traditional Camping

It's hard to beat the freedom that camping offers. It's just you, the outdoors, whoever ...

Awesome Dude Buys Swimming Hole and Re-Opens It to the Public

Finding the perfect swimming hole can be a bit like finding your own slice of heaven. ...

3,000-Pound Great White Shark Captured in the Great Lakes?

If the story of a 3,000-pound great white shark being caught in the Great Lakes comes as ...

VIDEO: Hannah Barron Proves She’s a Catfish Whisperer with Another Massive Catfish

Hannah Barron is an absolute beast in the noodling world and doesn't show any signs of ...

DNR Pulls 70,000 Pounds of Carp from the Illinois River

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources had a huge shock while fighting a potential ...

VIDEO: Black Bear Hops in the River to Beat the Heat

One of the greatest things about Florida is that despite insanely hot it can be at any ...

VIDEO: Engineer Grows Ice Pyramids in the Desert to Store Water

An engineer figured out a way to build artifical glaciers in an effort to provide better ...

Yellowstone Is Using ‘Thirsty’ Concrete That Filters 50 Gallons of Water a Minute

Yellowstone replaced 4,160 feet of walkways in their park with a new hybrid concrete, ...

Incredible Waterslide Takes an Aquarium Loaded With Sharks

Waterslides are one of the greatest inventions to come out of modern times. Whether they ...
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