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VIDEO: Here’s How To Make A Primitive Fish Hook In A Survival Situation

If you're ever in a survival situation and need to catch a fish, you're going to need a ...

Edible Water Bottle: Why Drink Water When You Can Eat It?

In an attempt to reduce plastic waster, Skipping Rocks Lab has created an edible water ...

Angler Snags 7.59-Pound Bass And $100,000

There aren't many things that'll earn someone over $100,000 for a hobby that they love. ...

VIDEO: Black Bear Family Has A Chill Day In The Pool

These pool loving black bears won't let anything stop them from having a nice and ...

VIDEO: Testing 60-Year-Old Emergency Drinking Water To See How It Holds Up

Have you ever wondered what a can of 60-year-old Cold War era emergency drinking water ...

VIDEO: Bone Out Your Trout Like This The Next Time You Go Camping

There aren't many things as satisfying as camping out by a lake or stream and catching ...

Jeep Caught Some Backlash From Trout Unlimited CEO Over Their Super Bowl Commercial

If you watched the Super Bowl this year and stuck around for the commercials, then you ...

VIDEO: Kayak Snaps In Half In The Middle Of A Rapids Run

There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a kayak run and flipping your boat ...

VIDEO: This Is Why Rivers Curve

If you've ever been on the river or seen one, you've probably realized they typically ...

VIDEO: Elephant Crashes Pool Party For A Drink

It's one thing to have an uninvited negihbor or one of the neighborhood dogs pop up at ...

This Boiling River Is So Hot That Nothing Can Survive It

With a hottest recorded temperature of just over 210 degrees Fahrenheit, the ...

VIDEO: Man Offers His Water To Thirsty Desert Wolf

While most people would try everything they could to avoid getting this close to a wolf, ...

VIDEO: Guy Manages to Break the Ice by Firing a Giant Bottle Rocket Under a Frozen Lake

It looks like these Swedish guys figured out a new way to have fun with fireworks by ...

VIDEO: Firefighter Shows Why It’s a Really Bad Idea to Use Water on a Grease Fire

There's a really good reason you shouldn't attempt to fight a grease fire with water. ...
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