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Fisherman Catches First Double Digit Bass in a Kayak

Any day spent fishing's a good day. When you're fishing and you break a personal record - ...

Houdini Crayfish Escapes Attack from Huge Bass in Amazing Video

These crayfish have some insane skills when it comes to outma From the Engbretson ...

Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever is so Freakishly Big It Defies Reality

There's nothing quite like the feeling of reeling in a fish and knowing you have ...

Bass Weighing in the “Teens” Chokes on Huge Crappie

Bass have been known to bite off more than they can chew.While visiting California ...

Kayakers Celebrate as NFL Wants New Stadium to Make Kayak Moat

If you thought kayakers were the last thing on the NFL's mind, you'd be dead wrong. A ...

What To Do If You Hook a Bird While Fishing

We've all been in the situation where we accidentally hook a bird while fishing. We ...

Video: Huge Pike Wasn’t Big Enough to Swallow this Bird

This stalemate between a pike and a grebe wasn't going anywhere any time soon. Chris ...

Video: Death Defying Group Jumps Right to the Edge of 355′ Waterfall

Livingstone Island  offers an absolutely breathtaking view of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. ...

Massive 16.3 Pound Bass Caught in California Lake

It's a great time for fishermen in California with the massive amount of giant largemouth ...

Catching 3 Bass at One Time on Video is as Awesome as it Sounds

Catching three quality bass on some days is hard to do. Catching three quality bass at ...
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