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VIDEO: Aborigine Hunters Take Out Massive Bats With Boomerangs

If you thought boomerangs were only good for trick shots, then take a look at this ...

Watch A Farmer Drop 107 Hogs With Thermal Night Vision

There are feral hog problems and then there are feral hog problems in Texas. This video ...

Hogs And Deer Can Now Be Hunted Over Bait After Alabama House Approval

Hopefully, farmers in Alabama will be catching a break after state legislatures approved ...

Watch Chef Butcher A Deer Leg And Eat It In Front Of Vegans Protesting Outside His Restaurant

How far would you go to try and put a stop to a group of protesters causing a scene ...

VIDEO: Giant Reticulated Python Swallows A Deer Whole

This giant reticulated python doesn't take its reputation as Indonesia's biggest and ...

Man Sues Dick’s and Walmart Over Change In Gun Policies

How far would you go to defend your rights if a store refused to sell you something ...

VIDEO: Guys From Buck Commander Prank Luke Bryan With A ‘Special Guest’ In His Bind

Whether you're an experienced hunter, it's your first time going after a buck, or you're ...

Gun Advocates ‘Up In Arms’ After YouTube Blocks Videos On Firearms Assembly

The trend of many big companies cracking down on and removing everything concerning guns ...

VIDEO: Lions Attempt At Huntin A Hippo Immediately Backfires

We're not sure if this lioness has had luck with bringing down hippos in the past, but ...

Hunter Wrestles Mountain Lion To The Ground, Freeing It From Trap

If we had to come up with something we absolutely would never want to have to ...

VIDEO: Hunter Records ‘Bigfoot’ While Turkey Hunting

Bigfoot sightings are a dime a dozen. For every image or video claiming to show the ...

Never Forget Your Sidearm When Going On A Hunt

Never assume your prey is dead and walk up on it unarmed just because it's down. ...

Remington Outdoor Company Inc Exploring Options To File Bankruptcy

It looks like one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the U.S., Remington Outdoor ...

VIDEO: Guy Goes Black Bear Hunting But Finds A Grizzly Instead

Although you wouldn't want to find yourself face-to-face with a black bear or a grizzly, ...
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