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Orca Go On The Hunt For Stingray In Incredible Footage

Wildlife photographer Jack Preston was filming in New Zealand when he captured some orca ...

VIDEO: Mama Bear Charges Hunters In Ground Blind That Got Too Close To Her Cubs

It's never going to go well when a mama bear spots someone near her cubs. Caleb ...

It’s Python Hunting Season In The Florida Everglades Again And They Need Hunter They Can Get

Pythons in the Florida Everglades don't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon, ...

VIDEO: Curious Jaguar Sneaks Up On Giant Anteater

This giant anteater doesn't know how close it came to becoming lunch while drinking at a ...

Hunter Walks Up To His Tree Stand And Finds A Bear Sitting In It

The good thing about tree stands is that it gives a great vantage point for the hunter ...

VIDEO: This Dog Loves Hunting More Than Anything

Hunting shows are a great way to scratch the hunting itch when you're patiently waiting ...

VIDEO: Black Bear Joins Hunter In Treestand During His First Bear Hunt

When hunting it's best to expect the unexpected. That's especially true when hunting ...

VIDEO: The ‘Antlerman’ Has Spent 59 Years Collecting Over 16,000 Antlers

Jim 'Antlerman' Phillips isn't your typical hunter. That's because when he goes out in ...

VIDEO: Bobcat Sneaks Up And Ambushes Turkey Hunter

This is a great reminder to always be prepared for things to go south when walking into ...

NRA Supporters Are Literally Blowing Up Yeti Coolers. Yeti Says It’s All A Huge Mistake.

We've all heard the backlash that YETI is facing after supposedly cutting ties with the ...

Watch Killer Whale Pod Hunt And Take Down A Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks might be known as one of the most dangerous species of shark, but that ...

VIDEO: Hunters Drop Charging Boar Just In Time

It's a good thing these hunters were quick on the trigger pull, otherwise, this angry ...

Komodo Dragon Shows Off Impressive Speed While Sprinting After A Deer

Komodo dragons are sly, brutal animals when they need to be. While they may not breathe ...

VIDEO: Little Girl Has Intense Case Of Buck Fever And It’s Priceless

Do you remember your first buck? It's hard to forget — the excitement, the buildup of ...
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