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RECORD BREAKING: 17-Foot-Long Python Captured At Big Cypress National Preserve

A massive 17-foot-long female python was captured at Big Cypress National Preserve, ...

Hunter Discovers A Buck He’d Been Watching Got Crushed Under A Tree

One of the worst things a hunter can go through is to spend time watching a good sized ...

Meet The 17-Year-Old Preparing For A 6 Month Solo Hike While Living Off The Grid

There aren't a lot of 17-year-olds out there today who would want to spend their lives ...

Record-Breaking: Man Catches 18-Foot-Long Python

Whoever said everything's bigger in Texas had clearly never been to Florida. Florida ...

Bow Hunter Shoots Turkey’s Head Clean Off With A Bullhead

All we can say is that this is one heck of a brutal shot for turkey hunting! While ...

Deer Mounts Can Finally Be Hung In The Corner!

If you're someone who looks at your deer mounts hanging on the wall and wishes there ...

Man Poaches A Buck, Stuffs It In Freezer For A Year, Gets Caught Anyway

There's a good rule of thumb that'll keep you from getting into trouble with the ...

Wilderness Is Important To Hunters And Anglers — Here’s Why

Wilderness isn't necessary to catch a fish or bag a deer, but it certainly makes the ...

Potential Largest Hunter-Killed Whitetail Is An Absolute monster

It's not every day that hunting history is made. A new potential record for a ...

Nature Is Brutal! Cheetahs Eat Impala Alive Before Hyenas Chase Them Off

Nature isn't for the faint of heart a lot of the time. Nothing proves that more than ...

This Big Buck Will Make Them Look Twice!

The sight of a buck in the bed of a pickup truck isn't an unfamiliar sight to hunters. ...

VIDEO: The Deadliest Cat On The Planet Isn’t What You’d Expect

At just two pounds, the black-footed cat may not be what you'd expect the deadliest cat ...

Family Faces Charges After Poaching Multiple Whitetail Deer Over The Years

Hunting's a great hobby and way of life. Hunting illegally is just a way to give us all a ...

Lions Eat Three Poachers Who Broke Into A Game Reserve To Hunt Rhinos

Poaching doesn't pay. Three poachers found that out the hard way after their attempt at ...
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