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VIDEO: Hyena Stumbles Into Pride Of Lions And Has The Fright Of its Life

A hyena had its afternoon stroll cut short after it walked right into the middle of a ...

Hunter Shoots Goose, Gets Knocked Out And Sent To The Hospital When It Falls On His Head

We've heard of some bizarre hunting accidents/injuries but this one invovling a goose ...

Hunter Recovers Deer For Super Bowl Champ

This deer hunt may have been an even bigger deal for Philadelphia Eagles' defensive ...

This Video Proves Deer Hunters Need To Hold NFL-Style Press Conferences After Their Hunts

We've all watched and NFL press conference post game and wondered why it all sounds so ...

VIDEO: ‘Dead’ Wolf Attacks Hunters Who Thought They Had Killed It

Whether you're hunting predator or prey, it can be dangerous to approach them after ...

Snow Day Means No School And Two Big Bucks For These Brothers

There's no such thing as a bad snow day when it gets you out of school. But back in ...

It Doesn’t Get More Canadian Than This Inuk Boy Who Killed A Seal With A Hockey Stick

If you go looking for a more Canadian image than this one of Ryder Aviogana after he ...

VIDEO: Whitetail Deer Hunt With a .50 Caliber BMG Is All Sorts Of Overkill

There aren't many animals we can think of that you'd actually need a .50 caliber BMG to ...

Watch A Golden Eagle Take Down Fox In GoPro POV Video

Eagle's are some of nature's top hunters. When they go after their prey, it's typically ...

VIDEO: Steven Rinella Drops A Charging Moose And Turns It Into One Of The Best Meals He’s Ever Had

We're glad we don't have to nearly get killed by a massive enraged animal everytime we ...

VIDEO: Incredible Hunting Simulator Lets You Practice With Your Actual Bow And Arrows

Hunting simulators are a fun way to kill time when you aren't able to actually hunt. But ...

VIDEO: Break Down A Deer’s Hind Leg With As Little Effort As Possible

Butchering your own deer is a rewarding experience that not all hunters have tried. It ...

VIDEO: Massive Seal Stumbles Into An All You Can Eat Penguin Buffet

Seals may look cute, pudgy and harmless, but appearances can be decieving. That's ...

VIDEO: Guy Finds Out Hunting On Ice Isn’t People Friendly

We don't know how many ducks this hunter's hoping to bag, but he'll have to conquer the ...
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