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Scuba & Spearfishing

VIDEO: Reef Sharks Attack Spearfishermen And Go After Their Catch

A day of spearfishing quickly turned into a fight for who would get snapper for dinner ...

These Underwater Scooters Promise The Ultimate Underwater Adventure

If you're looking to explore underwater but have no snorkeling or scuba experience, then ...

VIDEO: Barracuda Eats The Lionfish A Diver Just Speared

This barracuda knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to hang around some divers ...

VIDEO: Abandoned Diver Swims Five Miles To Shore As A 13-foot-long Tiger Shark Follows

What would you do if you were diving and suddenly found yourself abandoned in the middle ...

Scubajet Aims to Propel Divers, Kayaks and Canoes Through the Water

The Scubajet may be an engine designed for scuba divers -- as the name implies -- but ...

Firefighter May Have Speared the Largest Warsaw Grouper Ever

James Taylor, a firefighter from Bradenton, Florida, probably just speared the biggest ...
Nature & Science

Video: Diving Through a Bait Ball Is a Completely out of This World, Psychedelic Experience

Smaller fish that feel threatened by a predator will often start to swarm form a ...
Scuba & Spearfishing

Real-Life Jaws: Biggest Great White Ever Caught On Film Could Eat a Small Country

It looks like Spielberg wouldn't have needed to use a fake shark if he had found a ...

VIDEO: Underwater Jet Pack Turns You into a Human Torpedo

If you've ever dreamed about tearing through the water at Olympian-level speeds, then the ...
Scuba & Spearfishing

VIDEO: Diver Gets Attacked by Reef Shark and Films the Entire Ordeal

The ocean is full of some of nature's greatest wonders as well as some of its biggest ...
Scuba & Spearfishing

Divers Receive Massive Shock as Whale Shark Glides Past Them

Divers Keith Brock and his wife received the shock of their life when a whale shark swam ...

Spearfishing Giants Off Massive Bull Sharks is a Must See Video

Extreme outdoor Youtube spearfisher Courtland Hunt (see Glock-Fishing Lionfish) documents ...
Scuba & Spearfishing

Soldier Surprises His Family By Sneaking Up On Them At The Beach In Scuba Gear

Nothing beats a surprise homecoming, especially when the person coming home is a loved ...

Crab Facing Certain Death Gets Help From a Surprising Source

You never know what's going to happen in nature. Even when you think you do, a surprise ...
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