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Scuba & Spearfishing

Guy Spears And Lands Tuna From Dock In Less Than A Minute And Revokes Everyone’s Man Card

It's insane how quickly and easily this guy spears a tuna from a dock and lands it. ...

23-Foot Great White is Biggest Ever and Straight from a Hollywood Movie

Great whites are probably the one animal in the world I'd least like to have an encounter ...

Hawaiian Night Fishing With Lit Torch Shows Old School Ingenuity and Fearlessness

This rare photo featuring a Hawaiian man participating in a night fishing session with ...
Nature & Science

Nazi Submarine Discovered In The Great Lakes – The True Story

As the story goes, after discovering a U-boat in Lake Ontario in late January, amateur ...

Divers Get A Giant Surprise While Searching For Turtles

This diving duo set out to test their new filing gear and find some sea turtles while ...
Nature & Science

Giant Goliath Grouper Party Sets Internet on Fire

This scuba diver's first hand experience with over 50 goliath grouper puts there ...

Scuba Diver Gets Sucked Into Nuclear Power Plant Pipe While boating and scuba diving off the ...

This Freakishly Prehistoric Wahoo Just Broke the Internet

Cameron Kirkconnell just posted a photo that has the entire fishing and spearfishing ...

Is This the Most Shallow Water Lobster Ever on Video?

This Instagram video is clip is a lobster hunter's dream scenario. Lobster stacked so ...

Jaw-Dropping Photos of Cobia Speared Under ENORMOUS Tiger Shark

Getting in the water when there's a 12' foot tiger shark mere feet away is impressive ...

Who Needs A Toothbrush When Your Dentist Is A Cleaner Fish?

There's never a reason to have to choose between proper oral hygiene and scuba diving ...

Lady Luck Takes Her Final Bow as She’s Sunk to Create Artificial Reef

After searching for the perfect ship for nearly a decade, city leaders in Pompano, Beach, ...

Warren Sapp Bitten By Shark While Lobstering

The Hall of Fame defensive lineman was bitten by a shark while lobstering in the Florida ...

Top 5 Shark Videos Will Make You Rethink Your Summer Vacation Plans

With all the shark attacksĀ that have been plaguing beachesĀ this season, it only makes ...
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