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Watch The Insane Moment A Great White Shark Catches A Fleeing Seal

This game of cat and mouse (shark and seal?) didn't end well for this seal that got in ...
Scuba & Spearfishing

Scuba Divers Get The Shock Of Their Life When A 15-Foot Great White Shark Swims By

A group of scuba divers wound up in a terrifying situation when they encountered an ...

VIDEO: Insanely Massive Great White Shark Breaches Surface, Leaves News Anchor Speechless

Great white sharks aren't known for being small, but this white shark from the ...

Drone Films Tiger Sharks And A Saltwater Crocodile Eating A Dead Whale

Not only is this the first time anyone has observed tiger sharks and a saltwater ...

VIDEO: Reef Sharks Attack Spearfishermen And Go After Their Catch

A day of spearfishing quickly turned into a fight for who would get snapper for dinner ...

Watch Killer Whale Pod Hunt And Take Down A Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks might be known as one of the most dangerous species of shark, but that ...

VIDEO: Scuba Diver Nearly Has His Head Bitten Off By Great White Shark

It doesn't get much closer than this! A scuba diver nearly became a meal for a great ...

Von Miller Caught A 9-Foot Hammerhead Shark And PETA Wants FWC To Investigate Him

PETA is trying to get FWC to bring the hammer down on Denver Broncos linebacker Von ...

Massive Great White Attacks And Nearly Topples Tiny Boat

Shark experts Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande show everyone why tiny boats don't mix with ...

VIDEO: Fishermen Spot Great White Shark Off The Coast

A group of fishermen spotted a great white shark last week while off the coast of Amelia ...

Two-Man Fishing Crew Hooks 16-Foot, 3,000-Pound Great White Shark

A two-man fishing crew in Hilton Head had quite the day on the water on Monday. Within ...

A Bionic Arm Is Helping This Mother Take Back Control After Shark Attack Injury

When even a mild hand injury can seriously alter your daily routine, losing an arm ...

VIDEO: Surfer Nearly Gets Rammed By Great White Shark

We hope this surfer brought an extra wetsuit with him, because it looks like he's gonna ...

VIDEO: Snorkeler Comes Face To Face With Great White Shark

This must be how Marlin felt when he and Dory ran into Bruce inĀ Finding Nemo. Ash Gibb ...
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