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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Group reels in massive great white shark

To the surprise of these Florida anglers, they reeled in a massive great white shark ...

Florida Man Will Spend 10 Days In Jail After Dragging A Shark Behind Boat

Final man sentenced two years after dragging a shark to its death The third and final ...

Fishermen Stunned As Great White Shark Shreds Bait Bag In Front Of Them

A group of fisherman won't forget their close encounter with a feeding great white shark ...

Angler Catches 10-Foot Tiger Shark At Jacksonville Beach

Hour-long battle brings in a beast of a shark Fishing from the shore is a common ...

Viral Footage Shows Massive Shark Circling Swimmer At Florida Beach

This is the definition of terrifying A woman swimming at Panama City Beach, Florida, ...

VIDEO: Sharks Feast On Giant Baitfish Ball Buffet

A pile of sharks were spotted feasting on an epic baitfish ball snack on the Ningaloo ...

Massive Great White Shark Chomps Down On Chum Bag As Couple Watches

A giant great white surprised Carter Bates, a commercial fisherman, and his girlfriend, ...

VIDEO: Beachgoers Remove Hook From Hammerhead Shark That Swam Up To Shore

Apparently, these beachgoers had noticed a hammerhead shark swimming close to shore that ...

Sharks And Dolphins And Whales, Oh My! Every Fish In The Sea Gets In On This Epic Sardine Feeding

It's still insane to us how different the ocean can be, depending on which side of it ...

VIDEO: Surfers Rescue Baby Great White Shark Stranded In Rocks

A group of surfers was coming in from a morning surf when they noticed a young great ...
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Watch A Massive School Of Hammerhead Sharks Patrol These Incredibly Clear Waters

Moments like this one featuring a huge school of hammerhead sharks at Darwin's Arch in ...

Golf Hall Of Famer Greg Norman Catches A World Record Hammerhead Shark, Then Goes Swimming With It

When Greg Norman isn't on the golf course he can be found pulling world record sized ...

VIDEO: Humpback Whale Won’t Leave This Woman’s Side; It Ends Up Protecting Her From A Shark

Marine biologist Nan Hauser was a little freaked out when a humpback whale swam up to ...

Shark Bait: Fisherman Snags 500lb Mako Shark — Then A Mystery Monster Bites It In Half

This shark fishing story out of New South Wales, Australia reminds us that there's ...
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