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Watch Divers Swim With A Great White Shark So Big It’d Put Jaws To Shame

Willingly swimming with what could possibly be the largest great white shark on the ...

VIDEO: School Of Blacktip Sharks Swarm Near Crystal Clear Shore

This heron must be the most chill bird we've ever seen. Despite walking right in the ...

Electric Current May Be The Most Effective Way To Deter A Great White Shark

No one wants to come face-to-face with a great white while treading open water. ...

Tiger Shark Strips Tuna Right To The Bone Off Anglers Line

A group of fishermen reeled in a bizarre catch after hooking a Bluefin tuna off the coast ...

This Guy Caught A 14-Foot-Long Hammerhead And It’s Even Bigger Than It Sounds

There's nothing quite like land-based shark fishing. From start to finish, it's a battle ...

VIDEO: Great White Launches Out Of The Water, Surprising Tourists

These tourists in South Africa may have been expecting a great white shark breach, but ...

VIDEO: Researcher Stunned After Shark Leaps Out Of The Water Right Under His Feet

Marine fisheries biologist, Greg Skormal, was on a tagging trip in Massachusetts when he ...

VIDEO: Aggressive Tiger Shark Shows That The Fight Is Just Beginning After It’s Caught

Tagging sharks isn't for the faint of heart. What can seem like a perfectly easy catch ...

VIDEO: Woman Hand Feeds Shark, Nearly Loses Finger And Gets Dragged Into The Water

An Australian woman's experience with hand-feeding sharks nearly took a turn for the ...

Watch A Massive Shark Swim Up And Bite The Tail Off A Smaller Shark Anglers Were Reeling In

Remember the main poster for Jaws that shows a woman in the water who's about to get ...

Watch Two Sharks Rip Apart A Spearfisherman’s Fresh Catch

Shark encounters are nothing new for spearfishermen, but that doesn't make them any less ...

Cannibal Great White Shark Eats A Black Tip Shark Off The Line

There's no honor amongst sharks when it comes to a bigger, hungrier shark (a great white ...

VIDEO: Angler Hooks Bird On Live TV As Fishing Segment Goes Wrong

No one expected Paul Burt to catch anything after making a cast to catch a potential ...

Teen Dies While On A Beach Trip With Friends After Horrific Shark Attack

We'll go ahead and warn everyone one that this is a pretty graphic story. Not only did a ...
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