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VIDEO: Guy in T-Rex Costume vs 500LB Alligator

A brave idiot decided it was time to answer an age-old question of who would come out on top if a T-Rex (or a guy in a T-Rex costume) fought an alligator. It turns out all that really happens is he manages to tick the gator off -- over and over and over again. We definitely wouldn't recommend this ...

Alligator Gets Run Over as Plane Lands on Runway

It looks like truckers aren't the only ones who have to look out for alligators. A pilot recently ran over an 11-foot alligator while landing a plane at Orlando Executive Airport. The gator had been laying right in the middle of the runway when the plane came in, causing the gator to jump up and ...

Trapper Pulls 9 Foot Gator from the Sewer

Residents of Oldsmar, a neighborhood in Tampa, Florida, had an unexpected case that came to visit recently. A 9 foot alligator had managed to find its way into the sewer in the neighborhood. In order to get the gator out, the help of a trapper was enlisted to pull it out of a manhole cover. This'll ...

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