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Alligator Jumps At Zipliner As She Rides Over The Water

Being too tall won't end well on this zip line Ziplining gets a little more dangerous when there are jumping alligators right at the end of the ride. We've seen plenty of rides that require people to be over a certain height to ride. This is one that probably favors the vertically challenged ...

Stubbs The Tailless Alligator Gets A New Tail

Mr. Stubbs the alligator lost his tail while being illegally transported by smugglers. Without a tail, things didn't look so good for the gator. Thanks to the help of 3D technology, Stubbs was able to get a new tail made to his exact specifications. While he had been fitted with a tail made ...

VIDEO: 11-Foot Gator Pulled From Swimming Pool

In Florida, if there's a body of water, there's a pretty good chance a gator will end up in it at some point — even swimming pools. A Sarasota County Sheriff's Deputy responded to a call at the end of last month about an alligator in a pool. When he arrived, he discovered an 11-foot-long gator ...

VIDEO: Man Discovers Alligator In His Sewer

All those urban legends about flushing baby alligators down the toilet apparently aren't all made up. We're not sure if Lou Cam had been playing catch or not when he discovered the alligator, but he's never going to get that ball back — unless he wants to lose an arm! We're not sure how the ...

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