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Hoax Free: Viral Photo Of A 700-Pound Alligator Is Vey Real

It's more like a dinosaur than a gator It's easy to see why there would be questions ...

Trump Administration Planning 1.4 Million Acre Expansion Of Hunting And Fishing In Wildlife Refuges

The plan affects 74 national wildlife refuges The Trump administration announced they ...

Gator Pulled From Florida Beach!

That's not supposed to be there! Florida might be the home to a bunch of gators, but ...

Rattlesnake Bite Nearly Costs A Man His Finger; He Didn’t Think It was “That Big Of A Deal”

It's kind of a big deal Rattlesnake bites are pretty serious. We thought this was ...

Captain Got Drunk, Did Cocaine And Fired A Gun On Nightmare Fishing Trip

Cocaine-Fueled Trip Lead To Captains Arrest It looks like a Florida charter boat ...

Load Up! Mama Grizzly Gives Her Cubs A Ride Across The Lake

A day in the water doesn't mean loading up all the floats and pool toys they can find ...
Nature & Science

Drone Records Massive School Of Swimming Stingrays

Drone footage of captured an incredible sight this past Thursday while flying over Bondi ...

Gorillas Basically React Like People When They Get Caught In The Rain

Gorillas are some of nature's most majestic and powerful creatures, so they definitely ...

Watch These Two Bears ThrowDOWN On This Guys Front Lawn

So two black bears walk up to a guys house in Jersey. It may sound like the beginning ...

Meet The Man Who Rescued And Lives With Two Grizzly Bears

When Jeff Watson heard about two grizzly bear cubs that needed a place to live after a ...
Nature & Science

Free Diver Explores An Underwater World In Incredible Footage

We're always amazed at just how beautiful the underwater world can be. We don't often ...

Angler Breaks State Record With 16-Pound, 9-Ounce Walleye

North Dakota must have a secret to keep growing their Walleye bigger and bigger. Tom ...

Massive Great White Shark Chomps Down On Chum Bag As Couple Watches

A giant great white surprised Carter Bates, a commercial fisherman, and his girlfriend, ...

Front And Center: Seagulls Keep Blocking Traffic Cam

It looks like these two seagulls understand the power of social media. The two birds, ...
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