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Whiskey Warehouse Fire Killed Thousands Of Fish

'Drink like a fish' has its limits Bourbon and water don't mix. At least, they didn't ...

Flatbed Launch: Boat Sinks At Marina Ramp

Tow trucks are great at sinking boats A day on the water turns into a hilarious ...

We’re Smack In The Middle Of The Best King Salmon Season In 10 Years

The KING salmon are back in town! Commercial king salmon fishermen in California are ...

Fishing Impossible: Father And Son Thrown From Bass Boat Without Kill Switch — Son Chases It Down And Jumps Back On

If Hollywood can make a movie about a guy who falls in love with his computer, then this ...

Semi Truck Ran Over A Gator And Shut Down I-10

That's not a blown tire in the middle of the road A gigantic 12-foot-long alligator ...

VIDEO: Dolphin Teamwork Makes For Delicious Dinner

Dolphins team up for dinner — or are they line dancing? Working alone can only get ...

11-Foot Gator Breaks Into Florida Home, Downs All The Wine

That gator breaking into your house isn't a dream A Clearwater, Florida woman ...

Fishermen Stunned As Great White Shark Shreds Bait Bag In Front Of Them

A group of fisherman won't forget their close encounter with a feeding great white shark ...

Helicopter Rescue Spins Woman Out Of Control

Woman Needed To Be Saved From Her Helicopter Rescue The helicopter rescue of a woman ...

Major Headache: Neighborhood Residents Spot Gator With Knife In Its Head

That doesn't belong there An alligator with a knife lodged in its head was spotted ...

VIDEO: Old Lion Rescued From A Hyena Pack By Much Needed Backup

Hyenas attacked this old lion, then help showed up! A gang of hyenas went after an ...

Two Giraffes Killed In “Billion-To-One” Lightning Strike At Florida Wildlife Park

What are the odds? A Florida wildlife park is mourning two of its residents that died ...

Record-Breaker: Massive Trout Caught At Flaming Gorge Reservoir

It would be incredible if every bite on the end of the fishing line could be a ...

Watch: Deputy Plays Peekabo With A Bear Playing In The Trash

Not your average game of hide-and-seek A game of peekaboo isn't typically the kind of ...
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