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This ‘Dirty Harry’ Style Mousetrap Will Blow Away The Competition — And Rats

Things must've been a lot different in 1882 and nothing shows that better than this ...

A Bionic Arm Is Helping This Mother Take Back Control After Shark Attack Injury

When even a mild hand injury can seriously alter your daily routine, losing an arm ...

VIDEO: Artist Creates Incredible Light Display Using Just A GoPro

It turns out that GoPros can do a heck of a lot more than just take incredible outdoor ...
Nature & Science

VIDEO: NASA Tests Folding Aircraft Wings During Flight

It may not sound ideal for aircraft wings to start moving mid-flight, but NASA is testing ...

Nature Valley Takes A Look At How Technology Is Influencing Kids Childhoods

"What did you like to do for fun as a kid?" That's the question Nature Valley asked ...

VIDEO: Epic Wingsuit Rodeo Shows What The GoPro Fusion 360VR Can Do

This epic skydiving wingsuit rodeo shows off just what the GoPro Fusion 360VR is capable ...

VIDEO: Incredible Hunting Simulator Lets You Practice With Your Actual Bow And Arrows

Hunting simulators are a fun way to kill time when you aren't able to actually hunt. But ...

VIDEO: Hoverbike Public Flight Demonstration Shows We May Be Able To Buy One Very Soon

It looks like being able to own your very own hoverbike may very well soon become a ...

VIDEO: Garmin’s New Bow Sight Does Everything Except Fire The Bow

Garmin just turned the archery world on its head with their new digital bow sight. The ...

VIDEO: Pistol Shot At 73,000 Frames Per Second Is Out Of This World

Odds are you've fired a pistol or seen someone fire one in your life. Even with the ...

This Belt Fed, Full Auto Pellet Gun Is Way Better Than The One From Your Childhood

The Air-Ordinance SMG .22 is everything we ever wanted as a child — heck, we even want it ...

NASA Just Reinvented The Wheel — Literally

The wheel has remained relatively unchanged as far as its basic structure goes. It's ...

VIDEO: Seabreacher Is A Jet Ski/Submarine Hybrid That’ll Rock Your World

Even though 99 percent of people who hop on a jet ski immediately turn into a jackwagon, ...

Finding Shelter Has Never Been Easier Than With The Shiftpod

Shiftpod looks like a pretty interesting concept that gets a lot right. It assembles in ...
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