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VIDEO: Skier Takes A Life-Changing Hit To The Groin During Painful Downhill Run

We all feel this skiers pain after his unfortunate showdown with a gate while making a ...

Who Needs A Cart? This Golf Course Rents Out Goat Caddies

You may not see them on the PGA Tour anytime soon, but goats have finally broken into the ...

VIDEO: 11-Year-Old Skier Is A Wizard On The Slopes

If you've ever been on skis then you know it's not always the easiest sport to get the ...

The Surfer Boat Solves Your Group Surfing Dilemmas

If you ever find yourself and a group of buddies wanting to hit up some waves together ...

Surviving Big Wave Wipeouts Takes A Lot Of Preparation

We never get tired of seeing surfers take on monster waves. Seeing someone take on a ...

How Surf Lakes Make Artificial Waves And Why This One Will Provide Fun For Everyone

Not all artificial waves are created equally. In fact, most artificial waves are created ...

Golfers Spot A Monster-Sized Rattlesnake On The 14th Hole

A group of golfers got a little more excitement than they bargained for while playing the ...

Watch Deer Lead The Charge For An Epic 95-Yard Touchdown

Every football team wants to know the secret for consistently making it into the end zone ...

VIDEO: Kayakers Return To The Drainage Ditch And Take It On Again, Tandem Style

You might remember Rush Sturges and Ben Marr as the two kayakers who said the heck with ...

Watch BMX Rider Make Out Childhood Come To Life In Nostalgia-Filled Ride

Danny MacAskill and Red Bull team up team-up to bring every kid's imagination to life in ...
Nature & Science

Madman Free Climbs El Capitan With Zero Safety Gear

You wouldn't be wrong if you were to call Alex Hannold insane. That's because the ...

VIDEO: This Guy Walks Faster Than Most People Can Run

Saying someone can walk faster than someone can run is a fairly confusing statement. ...

VIDEO: Longboard Fails Make These Guys Wish They Had Stayed Home

These longboard wipeouts give a whole new meaning to road rash. Footage from various ...

VIDEO: Skier Becomes First Ever To Descend K2 In Heart-Pounding Ride

Climbing and then skiing down a mountain that has killed nearly a quarter of anyone who's ...
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