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Build a Boat Battle: How to Build Your Own Boat with What’s Lying Around and Cross a Pond

There may be a reason the dudes over at Dude Perfect are better known for their ...

VIDEO: US Marines Use a Temporary Bridge to Cross the River

What do US MArines do when they need to cross the river and have no bridge in sight? They ...

VIDEO: Guy Lands Drone on Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier

There are growing security concerns being reviewed by the Ministry of Defence after an ...

Bass Pro Shops Sends Boats to Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief

Bass Pro Shops is helping bring help to Hurricane Harvey victims in a big way by sending ...

VIDEO: U.S. Navy Fires Warning Shots as Iranian Vessel Approaches

If it wasn't obvious that approaching a U.S. Navy ship that has made it clear you need to ...

VIDEO: Knowing How to Hitch a Trailer Could Save Lives and Your Brand New Boat

It's sad and pretty horrifying (mostly horrifying) that many people towing a trailer down ...

The Swamp Shark is a 550-HP, Corvette Powered, Shallow Water Monster

Shallow water mud boats aren't exactly known for their record breaking speed. The Swamp ...

VIDEO: There’s No Need for a Boat Ramp with These Floating Tanks

While we can't say for certain who and what military these floating tanks belong to we do ...

VIDEO: Kayaker Narrowly Survives Shark Attack After Getting Flipped into the Ocean

A kayaker had an extremely close call during a day out on the water in Monterey Bay. At ...

Watch Car Carrier Get Tosses Around by Gale Force Winds

It was a particularly rough day on the water for this car carrier when winds from ...

VIDEO: Massive Car Ferry Smashes Into Concrete Barrier, Stops Dead in its Tracks

The Volcan de Tamasite, a huge vessel from the Naviera Armas' fleet, recently smashed ...

A Bad Fishing is NOT Always Better Than a Good Day at Work

We've always hear a bad day of fishing was always better than a good day at work. ...
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