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VIDEO: Whale Breaches Right On The Side Of A Boat, Scraping Barnacles Off In The Process

A whale watching group got a lot more than they bargained for when they got a little too ...

VIDEO: Keep Your Hull Clean With The BIGWASH Drive-In Boat Washer

Cleaning your boat just got a heck of a lot easier thanks to the BIGWASH drive-in boat ...

Dolphin Spots A Dog, Pops Out Of The Water And Gives It A Kiss

A friendly dolphin doesn't waster anytime in getting friendly with a dog when it spots ...

Canoers Show That Surfing Isn’t The Only Way To Ride A Wave

Riding big waves may seemĀ like something that only surfers do, but these canoers show ...

VIDEO: Family Freaks Out When Timber Rattlesnake Attempts To Climb On Boat

The last thing anyone wants is to find themselves in a tiny cramped space with a ...

VIDEO: Dolphin Surprises Everyone On Board After Jumping Into Boat

A boat excursion was thrown into chaos shortly after spotting a pod of dolphins. As they ...

VIDEO: This Sea-Craft Is A Plane/Boat Hybrid

If you're torn over whether you should buy a plane, boat or a car for your next big ...

VIDEO: R/C Airboat Is Breakneck Fast At 103 MPH

This insanely fast R/C airboat shows you don't need a massive engine to be fast on the ...

Kayak Go-Karts Exist And Here’s How To Build One

Looking to have some fun on the water this summer? We've got you covered with this ...

Family Has Been Sailing Around The World For Nine Years

Would you leave your home to live on a boat with your family for the foreseeableĀ future? ...

VIDEO: Incredible Tiny House Boat Is The Ultimate In Pontoon Living

We've never given living in a tiny house much thought, but after seeing this incredible ...

Cannibal Great White Shark Eats A Black Tip Shark Off The Line

There's no honor amongst sharks when it comes to a bigger, hungrier shark (a great white ...

VIDEO: World’s Fastest Hydroplane Is A Neck-Breaking Speed Machine

What do you get when you combine 100 years of ingenuity with 3000 horsepower? One monster ...

VIDEO: Gator Uses Tour Boat As A Short Cut As Tourists Freak Out

Just because alligators tend to be pretty docile when they find their spot in the sun ...
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