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VIDEO: Sea Lions Surround Divers In Incredible Footage

Sea lions don't always play well with others, so we'd be more than a little uneasy to be ...

Meet The Man Who Rescued And Lives With Two Grizzly Bears

When Jeff Watson heard about two grizzly bear cubs that needed a place to live after a ...

VIDEO: Harp Seal Pup Chilling In The Snow Will Get You Through The Mid-Week Hump

The middle of the week is always the time where the weekend is both too many days behind ...

Watch Hunters Help A Trapped Elk Out Of A Mud Pit

Hunting isn't always about taking something from nature. At times, it can be about ...
Nature & Science

Free Diver Explores An Underwater World In Incredible Footage

We're always amazed at just how beautiful the underwater world can be. We don't often ...

Sliding Is What This Giant Walrus Does Best

There's nothing this giant walrus would rather spend its day doing than living the ...

VIDEO: Riding Into A Snowy Sunset May Be The Perfect Way To End Your Day

If you're in an area where nearby lakes freeze solid during the cold months, then you'd ...

VIDEO: Sharks Feast On Giant Baitfish Ball Buffet

A pile of sharks were spotted feasting on an epic baitfish ball snack on the Ningaloo ...

Massive Great White Shark Chomps Down On Chum Bag As Couple Watches

A giant great white surprised Carter Bates, a commercial fisherman, and his girlfriend, ...

Slap Fight: Whitetail Deer Duke It Out In Bipedal Brawl

We're not sure where these two whitetail learned to fight, but it reminds us of when two ...

VIDEO: Man Flies Wingsuit Through The Swiss Alps And It’s A Living Dream

Watching someone fly inches away from slamming into the ground never gets any less ...

VIDEO: Bear Checks A Car For Food After A Long Nap

A particularly hungry bear was on the prowl for a snack after coming out of hibernation ...

VIDEO: Woman Rides A Kids Zipline And Eats It On The Landing

Hindsight beats foresight every single time. That's especially true for this woman and ...

Front And Center: Seagulls Keep Blocking Traffic Cam

It looks like these two seagulls understand the power of social media. The two birds, ...
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