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Angler Couldn’t Be Any Less Impressed After A Whale Breaches Right In Front Of Him

We would think a fisherman watching a massive humpback whale breach right in front his ...

Load Up! Mama Grizzly Gives Her Cubs A Ride Across The Lake

A day in the water doesn't mean loading up all the floats and pool toys they can find ...

VIDEO: Hungry Black Bear Shakes Down The Bird Feeder For A Snack

This bear eats like a bird! Residents of this Brimfield, Massachusetts neighborhood ...
Nature & Science

Drone Records Massive School Of Swimming Stingrays

Drone footage of captured an incredible sight this past Thursday while flying over Bondi ...

VIDEO: There’s A Good Reason Why This Alpine Ibex Doesn’t Have Guests Over

We don't know if this alpine ibex doesn't have guests over because of where he lives or ...

Researchers Take A Deep Dive In Antarctica And Discover A Thriving Sea Floor

Antarctica doesn't exactly bring about thoughts of a place filled with life. Saying ...

VIDEO: 6-Year-Old And 8-Year-Old Attacked By Their Neighbors ‘Pet’ Raccoon

A six-year-old girl from Clinton Township, Michigan needed five rabies shots after she ...

Police Pull Woman Over, Then She Pulls A Gator Out Of Her Yoga Pants

Don't try to smuggle alligators out of their natural environment, especially if you're ...
Nature & Science

VIDEO: Woman Records Rare ‘Positive’ Lightning Bolt During Storm

Thunderstorms are nothing new to people in Florida. If the sun rises, there's a good ...

Who Needs Trees? This Owl Prefers To Dig Holes And Live In Them

We're not entirely sure what to make of this bizarre burrowing owl, but we know this ...

VIDEO: 3-Legged Gator Follows Woman Home, Watches Her For Hours

Having an alligator follow you around can be an uneasy thing. But if that gator has ...

Triple Fan Field Rush: Three Deer Interrupt Baseball Game, Run Around Outfield

We've heard of people rushing the field in the middle of a sporting event. Some even opt ...

Gorillas Basically React Like People When They Get Caught In The Rain

Gorillas are some of nature's most majestic and powerful creatures, so they definitely ...

Watch These Two Bears ThrowDOWN On This Guys Front Lawn

So two black bears walk up to a guys house in Jersey. It may sound like the beginning ...
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