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What’s Inside A Yeti Cooler? This Father And Son Cut One Open To Find Out!

If you've ever wondered what makes a Yeti so different from other coolers, but haven't ...

Hose Cuts Through Brick And Metal To Fight Fires

Firefighting is inherently dangerous, so anything that can make it safer is a welcome ...

VIDEO: Inventor Builds Homemade Avengers Hulkbuster Suit From Stuff He Got Off eBay

What could you make with stuff you found on eBay? Inventor Colin Furze put that ...

Edible Water Bottle: Why Drink Water When You Can Eat It?

In an attempt to reduce plastic waster, Skipping Rocks Lab has created an edible water ...

VIDEO: Prosthetic Wheels Give Injured Squirrel A Second Chance

Most people wouldn't see a squirrel with only their two hind legs and think it has a ...

VIDEO: Inflatable Wing Sails Bring The Future To Sailing

Chances are you've never seen a sailboat like this! Inflated wing sails ditch the old ...

E-Bike Can Travel 236 Miles On A Charge And Go Up To 50MPH

If the Delfast e-bike is any indication, it won't be long before electric transportation ...

VIDEO: Solar Power Plant Is So Hot It’s Igniting Birds Mid-Flight

It's tough out there for a bird. Not only do birds have a hard time figuring out how ...

Man Builds Rocket And Launches Himself In It To Prove Earth is Flat — Seriously

We're not sure if "Mad Mike" Hughes has been living under a flat rock his entire life or ...
Nature & Science

Underwater Farm Grows Crops 30 Feet Below The Ocean

This underwater farm is unlike anything we've ever seen. Nemo's Garden is an ...
Nature & Science

MIT Builds Robot Fish That Fits In Perfectly With Other Fish

SoFi, a new robotic fish developed by MIT is able to go where no robotic fish before it ...

Gun Advocates ‘Up In Arms’ After YouTube Blocks Videos On Firearms Assembly

The trend of many big companies cracking down on and removing everything concerning guns ...

VIDEO: This Bad Boy Will Split Logs So Fast You’ll Never Pick An Axe Up Again

If you're in a position to where you only split a few logs a year, then this may not rock ...

These Underwater Scooters Promise The Ultimate Underwater Adventure

If you're looking to explore underwater but have no snorkeling or scuba experience, then ...
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