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VIDEO: Cars Can Move Sideways With These Omnidirectional Wheels

Parallel parking just got a whole lot easier with these incredible omnidirectional ...

The SawStop Will Make Sure You Keep All Your Fingers In Tact

Even the most seasoned carpenter has had incidents where a table saw cut a little more ...

Forget The Cooler, You Need A Fridge In Your Car!

You don't need a cooler to keep stuff cold in your car. What you need is a fridge. ...

VIDEO: EarthRoamer Interior Tour Continues To Show Ultimate Off-Road Luxury

We've seen the rundown of everything the EarthRoamer features on its exterior when Bill ...
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Watch EarthRoamer Founder Gives The Rundown On Everything Their Luxury XV-LTS Can Do — It’s A Lot

If you're looking for complete freedom in your travels, then look no further than the ...
Nature & Science

The Ocean Cleanup Is Here And It Wants To Nearly Eliminate The Garbage Patch Within 20 Years

It's no secret the ocean is loaded down with garbage. That doesn't necessarily mean it's ...

VIDEO: Spray Anything With This And It Becomes Indestructible

You may not look at a Solo cup and think it could support your full body weight, but ...

VIDEO: This Sea-Craft Is A Plane/Boat Hybrid

If you're torn over whether you should buy a plane, boat or a car for your next big ...

GoBoat: The Electric Dinghy That Makes Fishing On The Water Easy From Anywhere

Fishing doesn't get much easier than with the GoBoat. Weighing in at only 57 pounds, this ...

VIDEO: World’s Fastest Hydroplane Is A Neck-Breaking Speed Machine

What do you get when you combine 100 years of ingenuity with 3000 horsepower? One monster ...

Weeds Don’t Stand A Chance With This Fire Breathing Tractor

There are a lot of ways to weed a field, but none of them come close to being half as ...

VIDEO: Trees Don’t Stand A Chance With This Tree Eating Machine

Whether you've got a forest you need to take down or you just need some mulch for the ...

Water Powered Turbines Offer 24/7 Renewable Energy To Dozens Of Rural Homes

Many rural areas around the world struggle to find efficient and effective ways to power ...
Nature & Science

Termite Inspired Building Cools Itself Without Air Conditioning

Building the largest commercial structure in a country without air conditioning sounds ...
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