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VIDEO: Snowboarders Turns Empty Water Park Into The Ultimate Shred Destination

These snowboarders knew what they needed to do when they found this empty water park in ...

VIDEO: Kayak Snaps In Half In The Middle Of A Rapids Run

There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a kayak run and flipping your boat ...

VIDEO: Longboarder Gets Hit By Car Mid-Ride And Amazingly Survives

It could've all been over for this longboarder after getting blindsided by a car at an ...

VIDEO: Rollerman Is Back With A Winter Ski Suit

Remember "Rollerman"? It turns out Jean-Yves Blondeau (”The Human Roller Skate”) isn't ...

Forget The Water — Kayaks Were Meant For The Sand

Kayaker Eric Walter decided to take a break from taking on waterfalls and river rapids ...

VIDEO: BASE Jumper Takes A Leap Off A Wind Turbine

BASE jumping  is dangerous enough without leaping from a 150 foot moving blade. This ...

VIDEO: Big Wave Surfer May Have Just Ridden The Biggest Wave We’ve Seen

Big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner may have just ridden the biggest wave of 2018 from ...

VIDEO: Henrik Harlaut Wins X Games Ski Big Air Gold By Turning Into A Whirling Dervish

We can't say we knew who Henrik Harlaut was before seeing him defy gravity, but he must ...

Watch A Race Car Fly Off The Side Of A Mountain After Taking A Corner Too Fast

It's a good thing this car had a roll cage, otherwise it would've been all over for those ...

VIDEO: Riding Rare Slurpee Waves Is Like Surfing On Snow

Surfers in Nantucket, MA, had the opportunity to ride a swell that doesn't come along ...

VIDEO: Epic Wingsuit Rodeo Shows What The GoPro Fusion 360VR Can Do

This epic skydiving wingsuit rodeo shows off just what the GoPro Fusion 360VR is capable ...

VIDEO: Longboarder Takes A Slide And Dive Off A Cliff During Insanely Fast Downhill Run

Hopping on a piece of wood with four wheels and going downhill at speeds upward of 50 ...

VIDEO: Garmin’s New Bow Sight Does Everything Except Fire The Bow

Garmin just turned the archery world on its head with their new digital bow sight. The ...

VIDEO: Wingsuit Pilot Blast Down Mountain, Only A Few Feet Above The Ground

Wingsuit pilots are a different breed. At any given moment during a flight, they can be a ...
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