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VIDEO: Snowboarder Tackles Incredible 20,000-Foot First Descent That’s Basically A Vertical Drop

This snowboarders descent of what's essentially an insanely tall wall of ice might not ...

Kiteboarder Hits Humpback Whale In The Middle Of Ride

It's not often you have to worry about hitting a bump in the middle of the ocean, but ...

Bald Eagle Lands On James Paxton Right Before Game

If you thought the Minnesota Twins were only bringing out a bald eagle for the national ...

Extreme Sports Collide As Bungee Jumping Mixes With A Ski Ramp And It’s Incredible

France might have just created the best mashup of two sports we've ever seen — ski jumps ...

VIDEO: The Red Bull 400m Race Makes A Marathon Look Easy

It doesn't sound possible, but Red Bull has created a 400-meter race that looks tougher ...

Mountain Bikers Ride Through Mining Cave In Incredible Footage

Picturing a mountain biker generally involves them bombing down a mountain or flying ...

People Sent Flying Through The Air After Ski-Lift Failure

It was a terrifying scene for everyone as skiers fell from a ski lift at a Georgia after ...

VIDEO: 24-Story Backwards Ski Jump Leads To Epic Air And A Gnarly Crash

We're not even sure if Sammy Carlson is human after watching him fly through the air ...

VIDEO: Top 5 Mountain Bike Skills For Beginners

Being new to any sport or hobby can be as potentially dangerous as it is exciting if you ...

VIDEO: Buck Hill Offers Year-Round Skiing Thanks To Artificial Ski Surface

If you love skiing, snowboarding or tubing and wish you could do them year-round, you're ...

Watch Mountain Biking Trio Nail An Epic Series Of Jumps

Riding over a large root on a mountain bike can give the majority of people some trouble ...

Watching This 4th Grader Nail Her First Ski Jump Will Brighten Your Day

Doing something for the first time always brings out the nerves, regardless of what it ...

VIDEO: Snow Kayaking Continues To Prove Kayaks Are The ATV Of The Boat World

We may have jumped the gun when we said kayaks were meant for the sand earlier this week ...

VIDEO: Surfer Nearly Gets Rammed By Great White Shark

We hope this surfer brought an extra wetsuit with him, because it looks like he's gonna ...
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