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Unreal Footage: Game Warden Uses Glock To Frees Two Locked Bucks

Kansas Game Wardens are masters at using guns to save lives Bodycam footage shows a ...

Chuck Norris Named Glock’s New Spokesman

Chuck Norris and GLOCK — a perfect team A legendary gun brand needs a legendary ...

Hunters With Shotguns Can Go After Pythons In The Everglades

Time to bring in the big guns A new initiative in the Florida Everglades will let ...

4 Tips to get the most from Your Guided Duck Hunt

In magazines filled with page after page of successful trips, it's sometimes easy to get ...

Hunter Bags Bizarre “Franken-Turkey” With Bone And Feathers Growing From Its Head

You don't want this gobbler on your Thanksgiving table Frankenstein may be ...

Three Men Sentenced After Illegal Mountain Lion Hunt In Yellowstone National Park

An illegal hunt in Yellowstone National Park landed three men in federal court after ...

Police In Kansas Ask People To Not Shoot At Tornados

Shooting at a tornado is a lot like diving head-first into a brick wall. Nothing good is ...

VIDEO: Ski Patrollers Fight Avalanches With Old WWII Cannon

It may seem like old military weaponry wouldn't have much use outside of being melted ...

Lazy Sunday: Shotgun Balloon Drop In A Lawn Chair Gives New Meaning To Leisure

This isn't the first time we've seen somebody strap balloons to a chair and take it for ...

VIDEO: Woman Puts Stop To Attacker With Her Concealed Carry

We're not sure what this guy was thinking when he randomly hopped out of his car and ...

Homeowner Kills 3 And Wounds 2 Home Invaders With An Ak-47

It looks like these robbers in Houston, Texas picked the wrong house. Authorities are ...

VIDEO: Guy Guns Down Multiple Swimming Boar From A Boat

We're all for taking care of wild hog problems where they're a nuisance, but at least ...

Watch A Bullet Bounce Off The Ice And Spin Like A Top After Being Fired

We wouldn't recommend trying this one at home, but apparently, there's a strange ...

Man Gets Shot In The Back By His Dog While Sitting In His Truck

Dogs may be man's best friend but that doesn't mean they won't shoot a guy in the back. ...
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