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NRA Supporters Are Literally Blowing Up Yeti Coolers. Yeti Says It’s All A Huge Mistake.

We've all heard the backlash that YETI is facing after supposedly cutting ties with the ...

VIDEO: Hunters Drop Charging Boar Just In Time

It's a good thing these hunters were quick on the trigger pull, otherwise, this angry ...

VIDEO: Epic Crossbow Trick Shots Will Make You Want To Hone Your Skills For Hunting Season

Everyone over at Dude Perfect apparently likes reminding all of us that their jobs are ...

VIDEO: Little Girl Has Intense Case Of Buck Fever And It’s Priceless

Do you remember your first buck? It's hard to forget — the excitement, the buildup of ...

Watch A Farmer Drop 107 Hogs With Thermal Night Vision

There are feral hog problems and then there are feral hog problems in Texas. This video ...

Hogs And Deer Can Now Be Hunted Over Bait After Alabama House Approval

Hopefully, farmers in Alabama will be catching a break after state legislatures approved ...

Justice Department Proposes Regulations To Classify Bump Stocks As Machineguns

It was announced Friday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that the Department of Justice ...

Minigun Firing Tracer Rounds Looks Like Something Out Of Star Wars

We couldn't help feel like we were watching an epic space battle when this mingun started ...

Man Sues Dick’s and Walmart Over Change In Gun Policies

How far would you go to defend your rights if a store refused to sell you something ...

Gun Advocates ‘Up In Arms’ After YouTube Blocks Videos On Firearms Assembly

The trend of many big companies cracking down on and removing everything concerning guns ...

VIDEO: Guy Shoots Himself Right In The Gonads After Smacking Fish With Gun

If anyone doesn't know, there's a lot of gear on the market that helps people catch fish ...

ATF Investigates Dem. Congressional Candidate After ‘Destroying’ An AR-15 On Video

If you're going to post a video on Facebook of yourself destroying an AR-15 to make your ...

Never Forget Your Sidearm When Going On A Hunt

Never assume your prey is dead and walk up on it unarmed just because it's down. ...

President Trump Recommends ‘Bump Stocks’ Be Banned

There's sure to be controversy over President Trump's recent recommendation to place a ...
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