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Nature & Science

Watch Orca Pod Play With Swimmer In Incredible Footage

While at Hahei Beach, New Zealand, surf photographer Dylan Brayshaw was watching a pod ...

Shark Bait: Fisherman Snags 500lb Mako Shark — Then A Mystery Monster Bites It In Half

This shark fishing story out of New South Wales, Australia reminds us that there's ...

VIDEO: Rough Seas Force Cruise Ship To Evacuate 1,300 Passengers

Passengers aboard Viking Cruise's Viking Sky got way more excitement than they bargained ...

VIDEO: Polar Bear Tries Everything It Can To Break Into Research Enclosure

You can't get much closer to a polar bear than researcher Gordon Buchanan. In fact, the ...

Watch Mama Grizzly Bears Have Intense Standoff

They say you should never get anywhere close to a mama grizzly bear when she's with her ...
Nature & Science

Bear Grylls Is More Impressed With Survival Movies Than We Thought

When it comes to realistic depictions of real-life survival situations, Hollywood is ...

VIDEO: Intense Jaguar Brawl For Territory

These cats may be in a battle, but this intense standoff isn't what you'd call a ...

Bizarre Alien-Like Fish Discovered Washed Up On Shore

It'd be easy to think you were looking at some type of alien fish if you ever came across ...

Tortoise Thought To Have Gone Extinct Is Discovered A Century Later

Long thought to be extinct, experts recently discovered what they believe is ...

VIDEO: Male Polar Bear Goes After And Takes Down Cub, Despite The Mothers Efforts To Save It

Life in the Arctic is brutal. Food isn't always readily available, so the fight for food ...

Massive Spider Eating A Opossum Is A Real Nightmare

We want nothing to do with the smallest of spiders that exist, much less any that are ...

Watch Two Ticked Off Grizzly Bears Get Into A Serious Brawl

Whatever set these two grizzly bears off must've been something pretty serious. Whether ...

Meet The Cute Kangaroo-Like Rodent That’s Way Deadlier Than It Looks

Meet the Jerboa, the kangaroo-like rodent that looks like an alien rat. While their name ...

Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Are Out Of Control In Colombia And Keep Multiplying

Despite having long been dead, Pablo Escobar continues to cause trouble in Colombia. ...
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