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Nature & Science
Nature & Science

VIDEO: Epic Avalanche Turns Into A River Of Flowing Snow

We've gotta admit — we thought these mountaineers were in some serious trouble when this ...

Teen Fights Off A Bear With Bear Spray After It Pins Him To A Tree

They must raise people up different in Montana, because this teen fought off a grizzly ...

VIDEO: Kilian Jornet Runs Ridges So Tall, They’ll Give You An Instant Fear Of Heights

We thought Kilian Jornet would have a hard time coming up with anything crazier than ...

Sharks And Dolphins And Whales, Oh My! Every Fish In The Sea Gets In On This Epic Sardine Feeding

It's still insane to us how different the ocean can be, depending on which side of it ...
Nature & Science

Seeing The Unseeable: Scientists Reveal The First Image Of A Black Hole And It Sure Is…Something?

Capturing something generally believed to be unseeable on camera isn't something that ...

VIDEO: Sperm Whales Take In A Deformed Dolphin

Researchers captured footage that's the first of its kind between a pod of sperm whales ...

VIDEO: Hail Mary Throw Saves Woman From A Vicious Polar Bear Attack

If Russia needed more reasons for people to think it's a dangerous place to be, these ...

Death-Defying: Tightrope Walker Slips 3,000 Feet High, Between Two Cliffs

This location in Kjerag, Norway may be beautiful, but we'd rather view it from solid ...

A Whale Of A Good Meal: Kodiak Bears Stumble Across An All You Can Eat Buffet

It's not often that bears are able to eat as much as they want without having to put in ...
Nature & Science

VIDEO: Meteor Tears Across The Sky In Russia For The Third Time In Four Months

Meteors must like Russia, because they keep showing up there. For the third time in ...
Nature & Science

Watch A Massive School Of Hammerhead Sharks Patrol These Incredibly Clear Waters

Moments like this one featuring a huge school of hammerhead sharks at Darwin's Arch in ...

Face Off: Impala Tries To A Beat Crocodile In Race To Shore, Then A Hippo Crashes The Party

An unlucky impala found itself strand between a croc and a wet place after stranding ...

VIDEO: Coconut Octopus Uses Tools To Ambush Unsuspecting Crab

If you thought an octopus just relied on their tentacles to catch their food, the ...

Meet The 17-Year-Old Preparing For A 6 Month Solo Hike While Living Off The Grid

There aren't a lot of 17-year-olds out there today who would want to spend their lives ...
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