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Watch Solo Kayaker Catch 450-Pound Black Marlin

When Adam Fisk’s live-bait rod went off while he was hooking broomtail grouper and big jack crevalle, he had no idea he had just hooked an absolute monster.

He had initially put out a small bigeye trevally he had caught earlier in the day in the hopes of catching a roosterfish. He didn’t end up with a roosterfish, but he did hook a massive black marlin.

Fisk realized he was in for a fight as the fish cleared the water and pulled his kayak as he got pulled out to deeper waters. In total, he fought the fish in a four-hour battle and had been towed for 10 miles.

He leadered the fish before dark right before dark before releasing it. At 450-pounds, it’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, marlin ever caught and released by an unaided kayak angler.


Watch some highlights of the long battle between angler Adam Fisk, who paddled out on his own from Los Buzos Resort off Panama, and a black marlin estimated at 450 pounds. (Keep in mind the super-wide-angle GoPro makes everything look much smaller, but even so, it’s clearly a big fish and one hell of an accomplishment.)

Posted by Sport Fishing Magazine on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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