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Tiger Cubs Meet An Adult Tiger For The First Time

First-time meetings can be tough; especially when the unfamiliar thing you're meeting is several times your size. Spot and Stripe are two tiger cubs that have never had any interaction with adult tigers, so being accepted by the adult tigers at the sanctuary is crucial in order for them to be ...

VIDEO: Tiger Tries To Attack Guy Riding An Elephant

If you thought a tiger would back down from a that's several times bigger than it is, you'd be wrong. A man riding an elephant recently found out just how big of a challenge a tiger is willing to take on when it attempted to attack the elephant he was riding. The tiger never actually goes all ...

VIDEO: Pack of Tigers Take Down Bear

Would a tiger or a bear win in a fight? In this case, tigers come out on top as an ambush (a tiger pack) of them take down a fairly small bear with ease. Put a grizzly in its place and this could be another fight entirely, but it'd still be severely outmatched facing three fully grown tigers. ...

Tiger Attacks Tourist, Kills Another at Safari Park

Footage shows shocking tiger attack in Beijing's wildlife park. A tourist was killed by a tiger and another seriously injured after getting out of their car while touring a safari park in China. An investigation was launched into the deadly incident at the Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing. ...

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