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Watch Solo Kayaker Catch 450-Pound Black Marlin

When Adam Fisk's live-bait rod went off while he was hooking broomtail grouper and big jack crevalle, he had no idea he had just hooked an absolute monster. He had initially put out a small bigeye trevally he had caught earlier in the day in the hopes of catching a roosterfish. He didn't end ...

VIDEO: Reliable Fish Hook Removal

This is a great technique for those deeply embedded hooks that tend to be tricky to remove. Chad Hoover demonstrates a great hook removal technique after Chris Coufal gets one embedded in his palm while filming an episode of Kayak Bassin. It's never ideal to hook yourself, but it's good to ...

Seal Swims Up To Kayakers To Catch A Ride

Two kayakers were paddling in the North Sea in Scotland when they realized they were being followed. After tailing them for about a mile, a seal decided to hop up on their kayaks to catch a ride and a quick break. The kayakers try to get the seal to leave them alone at first, but they eventually ...

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