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Thermal Scope Helps Down 45 Coyotes In Epic Footage

The dark won't save these coyotes from meeting a quick and precise end These coyotes probably thought there was safety in numbers. It's too bad for them that they messed with the wrong farmers as they kill 45 coyotes with a thermal scope. Coyotes are beyond a nuisance for any farmer hoping ...

Stray Cat Fights off Coyote That Tried to Sneak up on It

A stray cat found a family in Denver, Colorado that started helping it out by leaving food on their front porch. After it kept coming around, Jason Zaffuto, the homeowner, was watching his security cameras when he noticed the cat had an unwelcome guest trying to give it some trouble. A coyote could ...

Archer Drops Two Coyotes With One Epic Shot

Anyone can take out a coyote with a bow and arrow. Give someone enough practice and they could land a kill shot relatively easy. It takes a true master bow hunter to do what Christopher Jay pulls off in this epic video when he drops not one, but two coyotes we a single shot. Chris was noticeably ...

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