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Tiger Attacks Tourist, Kills Another at Safari Park

Footage shows shocking tiger attack in Beijing's wildlife park. A tourist was killed by a tiger and another seriously injured after getting out of their car while touring a safari park in China. An investigation was launched into the deadly incident at the Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing. ...

Koi are Being Killed by Cash Throwing Visitors

The Koi in a pond located in Yantai City are being killed off at an alarming rate by Chinese tourists who bombard the pond with money on a daily basis as they wish for luck. Since the koi fish is a symbol of good fortune in Asia, this money throwing will go on for a while - though signs warning of ...

Fishocalypse Now: It’s Raining Fish in Thailand?

If there's one thing that can turn an event grounded in reality into something of biblical plague proportions, it's the internet. An accident that left the streets of Thailand (as the video suggests) littered with fish quickly turned into something far wackier: ...

Do Not Eat Tilapia: The True Story

Tilapia is a fish that may be hated just as much as it is loved. While it's true that there are numerous fish and seafood options out there that are considered to be far more delicious, you can buy tilapia dirt cheap, which may be part of the problem. While the popularity of the fish can be ...

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