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Video: Snowmobile Runs Over Wolf to Save Hunter

Reportedly taken in Kazakhstan, these hunters go after a wolf  in a highly unconventional and dangerous way. While they were able to bring the wolf down, they had difficulty killing the animal as it charges and attacks the snowmobile before going after a hunter who's on foot. Luckily for the ...

Wolf Pack Takes Down Elk on Overpass

Christopher Martin and motorists witnessed quite the spectacle earlier this month when a pack of wolves tore apart an elk on a railway overpass in Banff National Park in Canada. Martin saw the events unfolding at the overpass as he snapped some once in a lifetime photos. An recounting of the ...

Video: Leopard Goes on Rampage in Indian School, Injures 6

Wild animals and groups of people aren't generally a good combination. An eight year old male leopard entered the Vibgyor International School in Banglore, India when a conservation team attempted to remove him from the area. The massive cat proceeded to go on a horrifying rampage, attacking ...

Video: Never Trust a Tiger Shark

I'm not exactly jumping at the chance to swim with sharks, but if I had to, tiger sharks may be at the bottom of the list. Typically caring much less about what they eat than some other shark types, they can pose a greater threat to humans than other species. "They are second only to great whites ...

Tiger Attacks Zoo Keeper in Australia

In an incident that is sure to make you feel a little easier about going into your job on Monday, an Australian zoo keeper was attacked by a tiger while walking through surrounding bushland on the grounds. The incident took place Thursday morning at the Sunshine Coast's Australia Zoo, which was ...

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