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VIDEO: Firing 10 Arrows from a Bow at Once

We wouldn't recommend attempting to fire 10 arrows from your bow at once on your next hunting trip, but if you're curious about what that would look like, Matt from Demo Ranch has you covered. Matt basically Green Arrow's his way into hitting a target as many times as possible in one shot. ...

VIDEO: Hunter Nails Two Rattlesnakes With One Arrow

Snakes aren't exactly the biggest targets in the world. That's why this shot that pierced two rattlesnakes with a single arrow so impressive. Did the hunter have to kill the two snakes? No he didn't. But judging from the comments on the video you'd think he had fired his bow at two children playing ...

Archer Drops Two Coyotes With One Epic Shot

Anyone can take out a coyote with a bow and arrow. Give someone enough practice and they could land a kill shot relatively easy. It takes a true master bow hunter to do what Christopher Jay pulls off in this epic video when he drops not one, but two coyotes we a single shot. Chris was noticeably ...

Archer Takes Out Turkey With Epic 105-Yard Shot

Hitting anything from 100+ yard with a bow is impressive no matter what you're shooting at, but it's even more impressive when your hitting a moving target. We're choosing to believe this hunter made the epic shot and didn't inflate any distance between him and the bird. If it is a true 105-yard ...

Bulletproof Vest VS Arrow: Will it Save Your Life?

If you've ever wondered if wearing a bulletproof vest could save your life in the event of a random arrow attack - wonder no more. These guys go through the trouble to test out the effectiveness of the vest in stopping an arrow shot from a compound bow and a crossbow. The results: the compound ...

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