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Alligator Jumps At Zipliner As She Rides Over The Water

Being too tall won't end well on this zip line Ziplining gets a little more dangerous when there are jumping alligators right at the end of the ride. We've seen plenty of rides that require people to be over a certain height to ride. This is one that probably favors the vertically challenged ...

Semi Truck Ran Over A Gator And Shut Down I-10

That's not a blown tire in the middle of the road A gigantic 12-foot-long alligator got ran over by a semi-truck earlier this month around midnight on I-10. It was near the Monroe Street exit in Tallahassee, Florida when it was struck and caused a temporary closure of the exit, according to ...

Stubbs The Tailless Alligator Gets A New Tail

Mr. Stubbs the alligator lost his tail while being illegally transported by smugglers. Without a tail, things didn't look so good for the gator. Thanks to the help of 3D technology, Stubbs was able to get a new tail made to his exact specifications. While he had been fitted with a tail made ...

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