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Modern Caveman Has Lived In Cavern For 40 Years

Ever gone camping and wondered what it’d be like to just stay there? Pedro Luca did, then he decided to find out. After 40 years, the 79 year old has become a true modern day caveman as he lives out his life in the side of a mountain in northern Argentina.

Without running water – he gets most of his water from a creek – or electricity, Luca doesn’t have the luxuries many of us are used to. When he’s hungry, he goes out and hunts for his dinner or walks three-hours to the nearest settlement in San Pedro de Colalao.

“It’s [the creek] the purest, richest water there is,” Pedro says.

Living alone in the wild wasn’t a hasty decision, he’s wanted to do it ever since he was a boy.

“I never asked myself why I chose to live here,” he says. “There was another cave nearby but I liked this one better. Sometimes, I think that I would have liked to travel the world, see Europe. But there’s a lot of sea in the middle of it all and you have to have the time to cross that sea.”

Luca seems much younger than a man his age, despite his weathered appearance and few teeth, there’s a youthful energy about him.

He’s become somewhat of a local celebrity, receiving visits from tourists and children.

Image: Wikipedia

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