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VIDEO: Riding 60 Foot Monsters Is A Surfers Dream

Surfers flock to Nazare during its peak season for waves. The surf often hits over ...

Video: Jig head fishing techniques & secrets – catch more snapper

An explaination of how to fish with jigheads and cover the entire water column. Using ...

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Group reels in massive great white shark

To the surprise of these Florida anglers, they reeled in a massive great white shark ...

A Cobia Mele – Insane Fishing in Venice Louisiana

The Outdoors360 team took their yearly trip down to Venice Louisiana to visit their ...

Alligator Jumps At Zipliner As She Rides Over The Water

Being too tall won't end well on this zip line Ziplining gets a little more dangerous ...

Alligator Climbs A Fence At Navy Base Because It Has No Respect For Authority

He really scaled that chainlink like he had somewhere to be It's not every day that ...

13-Year-Old Catches 12-Pound Bass With His Dad

This teen blows his old personal best bass record out of the water A father and son ...

Goliath Found: Largest Wild Buck Ever Recorded Caught On Camera

This massive wild buck will keep you up at night There's a good chance your trophy ...

Major Loss: CEO Says Gun Policy Changes Cost Dick’s A ‘Quarter-Billion Dollars’

The loss is about what he anticipated, but that still has to sting It's been nearly ...

WATCH Muskox Go Noggin-To-Noggin In Vicious Headbutt Faceoff

One splitting headache coming right up! These two head-butting muskox know what going ...

VIDEO: Monster 50-Pound Muskie Caught By Lucky Angler

The legendary lake offers up another monster with this 50-pound muskie Don't cast ...

Forget The Pills! Doctor Prescribes The Outdoors To Improve Health

Spending time in nature is the side effect free way to be healthier and feel better ...

VIDEO: 5-Year-Old Girl Nearly Attacked By Coyote In Front Yard

Trip to the mailbox for Halloween costume takes a turn for the worse A 5-year-old ...

Deer Gets Wrecked By Pothole, Flips Over It And Keeps Running

Now that's what we call sticking the landing! This deer must have places to go and ...
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