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Remington Outdoor Company Inc Exploring Options To File Bankruptcy

It looks like one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the U.S., Remington Outdoor ...

Hunter Shoots Goose, Gets Knocked Out And Sent To The Hospital When It Falls On His Head

We've heard of some bizarre hunting accidents/injuries but this one invovling a goose ...

VIDEO: Game Warden Frees Bull Elk From Electric Fence By Shooting Off Its Antlers

Josey Branch hadn't been a game warden for very long when he responded to a call about a ...

This ‘Dirty Harry’ Style Mousetrap Will Blow Away The Competition — And Rats

Things must've been a lot different in 1882 and nothing shows that better than this ...

VIDEO: ‘Dead’ Wolf Attacks Hunters Who Thought They Had Killed It

Whether you're hunting predator or prey, it can be dangerous to approach them after ...

Snow Day Means No School And Two Big Bucks For These Brothers

There's no such thing as a bad snow day when it gets you out of school. But back in ...

VIDEO: Guy Proves Tannerite Mishaps Are A Great Way To Get New Pants

We're not going to lie and say blowing stuff up with Tannerite isn't a pretty awesome way ...

VIDEO: This Guy Just Made A 680 Yard Shot With A Crossbow

We're not sure if anyone's going to be able to top this insane crossbow shot! When ...

Watch The Slow Mo Guys Put Bullet Speed To The Test In ‘Bullet Racing’

It may sound easy enough to figure out which caliber rounds fired from specific guns are ...

VIDEO: Whitetail Deer Hunt With a .50 Caliber BMG Is All Sorts Of Overkill

There aren't many animals we can think of that you'd actually need a .50 caliber BMG to ...

VIDEO: M249 SAW Melts Suppressor After 700 Round Burst

West Coast Armory puts a Slincerco SWR branded can through the ringer with a brutal ...

VIDEO: Will Grabbing A Pistol Slide Stop Another Round From Entering The Chamber?

We've seen it in movies, but grabbing a pistol by the slide as it fires can't actually ...

VIDEO: Incredible Hunting Simulator Lets You Practice With Your Actual Bow And Arrows

Hunting simulators are a fun way to kill time when you aren't able to actually hunt. But ...

“First Shots” Program Teaches Kids How To Properly Handle A Gun

Kansas based program First Shots is introducing kids as young as 8-years-old to firearms ...
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