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Nature & Science

Summer Camping Trip & Mosquitos: Here is How to Get Through

It’s not that difficult to keep mosquitoes away while you’re camping. There are several ...

The Top 10 World Record Catfish

The anglers on this list caught some gigantic species of catfish that definitely earned ...

Gozo Named The Best Scuba Diving Spot In The Mediterranean

Gozo, a short ferry ride from Malta, has been named the best diving spot in the ...
Nature & Science

Drone Records Massive School Of Swimming Stingrays

Drone footage of captured an incredible sight this past Thursday while flying over Bondi ...

Researchers Take A Deep Dive In Antarctica And Discover A Thriving Sea Floor

Antarctica doesn't exactly bring about thoughts of a place filled with life. Saying ...
Nature & Science

VIDEO: Woman Records Rare ‘Positive’ Lightning Bolt During Storm

Thunderstorms are nothing new to people in Florida. If the sun rises, there's a good ...

Police In Kansas Ask People To Not Shoot At Tornados

Shooting at a tornado is a lot like diving head-first into a brick wall. Nothing good is ...

President Jimmy Carter Bags A Big Wild Turkey At 94-Years-Old

Age is nothing but a number for President Jimmy Carter. He hasn't let anything slow him ...

Watch These Two Bears ThrowDOWN On This Guys Front Lawn

So two black bears walk up to a guys house in Jersey. It may sound like the beginning ...
Nature & Science

Free Diver Explores An Underwater World In Incredible Footage

We're always amazed at just how beautiful the underwater world can be. We don't often ...

VIDEO: Riding Into A Snowy Sunset May Be The Perfect Way To End Your Day

If you're in an area where nearby lakes freeze solid during the cold months, then you'd ...

VIDEO: Bear Checks A Car For Food After A Long Nap

A particularly hungry bear was on the prowl for a snack after coming out of hibernation ...

VIDEO: Deep-Sea Food Fall Let’s Scientists See What Happens To Alligators On The Ocean Floor

In order to figure out what creatures would have eaten ancient creatures related to ...

VIDEO: Summiting Mount Everest From Start To Finish

Summiting Mount Everest is no small task. From planning the trip out, training for it ...
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